Smart Digital Sensors

SENCOM® technology allows sensors to transmit and receive data when connected to FLXA21 transmitter or to any PC with the SPS24 software installed. Digital or Smart sensors maintain specific measurement and calibration data on an integrated chip along that is an integral part of the sensor. This data can be exchanged between the sensor and either a process transmitter, or a laboratory PC using a data management software, like the SPS24. Using historical measurement, calibration and diagnostic data from the sensor, the SPS24 data management system provides technicians with the tools to predict maintenance and calibration frequency, estimate sensor life and project life expectancy. Calibration data can be downloaded or uploaded to and from the digital smart sensor to the FLEXA analyzer allowing for true plug and go field installation.

Data stored in the sensor includes:

  • Calibration Values (Asymmetry, Slope, Temperature Offset)
  • Sensor Status Signals (e.g. Glass Impedance Detection)
  • Reference Junction Resistance
  • Sensor details (Model, Serial Number, and Production Manufacturing Date)

SPS24 SENCOM® PC Software

The new SENCOM® PC Software SPS24, offers a unique means to optimize the performance of pH/ORP sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety. The software allows the operator to monitor pH/ORP sensor performance, calibrate and configure various parameters.


SENSTATION from Yokogawa is a new concept that combines the company's SENCOM smart sensors with the SMART data logger and SMARTDAC+ modular data-acquisition system to provide a scalable integrated liquid measurement solution.

SENSTATION Galvanic Isolation Box, S8000

The S8000, Galvanic Isolation Box, is for use with SENCOM Digital sensors when utilizing the Modbus RS485 communication of the sensors. The S8000 isolates both power and communication signal to prevent the ground loop currents or any interference that will disrupt the measurement. 

All-in-One Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensor FU20F

All-In-One pH and ORP digital smart sensor that keeps the motto "Simple is best" while combing the sensor with built-in intelligence and direct digital communication. 

All-in-One Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensor FU24F

The FU24F is a digital smart pH/ORP sensor made with a chemical resistant PPS 40GF body for harsh pH applications.

12mm Digital Smart pH Sensor SC25F

The SC25F is a digital smart pH sensor in a 12 mm design that includes an integral temperature element and a Liquid earth electrode.