Process Control PLC/RTU


Smart manufacturing systems are key components for smart plants, to quickly and easily respond to dynamic business and production changes to meet market demands. Using process control systems STARDOM, processes are no longer interrupted thanks to its redundant configuration and reliable hardware. And end-to-end digital communication maximizes your asset capabilities by transmitting asset information together with more accurate digital process data, both vertically (from field devices to SCADA and MES systems) and horizontally (various utilities and devices in the field.) STARDOM controllers help you maximize operational excellence.


High reliability and high speed are essential for the systems that control your critical processes. The dual redundant model of the field control node (FCN) autonomous controller ensures that these processes continue without interruption even when a module is replaced.


The low power consumption model of the field control node (FCN) autonomous controller meets the demanding requirements at inhospitable remote locations which lack power.

Versatile Data Server (VDS)

Versatile Data Server (VDS) is Web-based HMI/data server software2 that adds advanced architecture to the conventional HMI/SCADA functionality.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are a solution for customized operator interfaces for control and data acquisition systems.

Y-Flow™ Remote  Terminal Unit (RTU)

Yokogawa’s low power RTU offers flexible I/O points and superior data collection with a wide range of connectivity options. Whether you are measuring gas flow for custody transfer or need wellhead control and monitoring, Yokogawa offers both the performance and stability required in the most rigorous environment.