Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


  • Explosion-proof certification
    Complete Fieldeye camera unit (FC33E) compiles to TIIS Exd II CT5
  • Compact
    The Fieldeye is an amazing 75% smaller and lighter than the competition's cameras.
  • Lightweight
    The Fieldeye (FC33E) weighs in at only 19kg.
  • Unified
    No additional wiring is needed as the Fieldeye is a self-contained unit complete with pan motor, tilt motor, camera block, power supply and telemetry receiver.
  • Reliable
    The entire Fieldeye unit (cameras, motors, etc...) is constructed entirely by Yokogawa without the use of any third-party components.
  • Corrosion protected
    Housings are made from SUS316L stainless steel and coated with electrolytic polishing.

FC34U, FC34E CCD color camera

FC34U Outdoor CCD Color Camera
FC34E Explosion-proof CCD Color Camera


FC33U, FC33E CCD Color Camera

FC33U Outdoor CCD Color Camera
FC33E Explosion-proof CCD Color Camera