pH/ORP Sensors

  • Differential pH and ORP Sensors

    Differential pH and ORP Sensors

    The cation differential pH and ORP sensors were designed for difficult applications where conventional sensors are ineffective. These include measurements such as brine solutions to applications as diverse as electrolysis processes and cheese manufacturing.

    The problems experienced in these applications most often relate to the reference cell and are the result of either:

    • high diffusion potentials at the reference junction
    • high temperatures (often encountered in applications such as in chlorinated brine processes)
    • and high ground-loop currents.

    Yokogawa’s cation differential sensors feature a sealed glass reference and do not have a liquid junction nor any electrolyte to come in contact with the process. Therefore, the sensors do not suffer from diffusion potentials or fouling, which ensures measurement stability while being virtually maintenance free. There are different versions of differential pH sensors available and the significance of the advantages they have to offer over a traditional electrode is appreciated only after experience of using a conventional reference electrode, both in theory and practice, in these difficult applications.

  • FD20 Immersion Fitting

    The immersion fittings are designed for either pH or ORP (Redox) measurements in tanks, open vessels and drains. They have a “hoisting cable” for easy maintenance. The program includes fittings for mounting of 1 electrode, 3 electrodes, 4 electrodes or …

  • FF20/FS20 Fittings for pH and ORP

    Yokogawa has invested considerable design and development time in producing a full range of fittings with particular emphasis on designs that reduce installation and maintenance time and consequently save operation costs. A high degree of standardization makes it possible to …

  • FU20/PH20 REDOX all-in-one Sensor

    The PH20, FU20 and FU24 all-in-one sensors show how Yokogawa applies the motto “Simple is best” to sensor technology. These sensors feature four separate elements (pH, reference, temperature, ORP) allowing for simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP is possible with one sensor in a rugged Ryton or PVDF (FU20), Ryton (FU24) or PVDF (PH20). The integral or vario-pin cable comes number-coded cable along with the integral NPT threads on the sensor makes installation convenient. The Quick Release Adapters for the FU20 allow easy removal of the sensor for cleaning and calibration.