Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for Pharmaceutical Applications

    Yokogawa is working with HAMILTON to offer best-in-class dissolved oxygen sensors for pharmaceutical applications. Since their introduction in 1995, HAMILTON oxygen sensors have become world leaders because of their signal performance and low maintenance requirements. The rugged design of the …

  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for ppb Applications

    Yokogawa is working with HAMILTON to provide best-in-class dissolved oxygen sensors. Dissolved oxygen measurements in the parts per billion range are critical in, but not limited to power generating plants.

  • DO30G Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

    The DO30G sensor for dissolved oxygen is designed for use in water treatment plants such as sewage treatment works, effluent activated sludge process, and potable water treatment. It is also effective in river monitoring, intake protection, fish farming and other …

  • Hamilton VisiFerm Optical DO Sensor

    Dissolved oxygen is required for the survival and growth of many aquatic organisms, including fish. The concentration of dissolved oxygen may also be associated with corrosive and photosynthetic activity. The absence of oxygen may permit anaerobic decay of organic matter and the production of toxic and undesirable esthetic materials in the water. Main applications for this sensor are biotechnology, chemical industry, air surveillance, fish farming, water management and sewage water (gas and liquid phase).

    The Visiferm utilizes luminescent technology and eliminates the typical drawbacks of membrane components. The measurement is unaffected by sample fouling or poisoning and virtually maintenance free with no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solution to replenish, no anode or cathode to clean or replace and long calibration intervals.


    • suitable for steam sterilization, autoclavation and CIP
    • flow independant; self diagnostics
    • electrolyte-free so no leakages occur
    • no membrane so no concerns about air bubbles
    • no polarization time required
    • easily replacable sensor cap containing the sensing element
    • replacement sensor caps available
    • measurement not affected by sample color or turbidity
    • connector heads: VP 6¬†or Arc (VP 8)