Data Acquisition

  • DXA_21

    Button Operated DX1000/DX2000

    Power generation, process automation, and factory automation in manufacturing industries require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the control room. Yokogawa’s DX series recorders are purpose-built data acquisition systems designed for industrial automation.

  • DX364

    Compact DX364

    The DX364 is a paperless recorder corresponding 1/2 DIN or 3×6 (inch) recorders. It can be hooked up to a network via Ethernet, which enables email, web monitor and FTP. It can also communicate via Modbus TCP protocol.

    It comes with a four channel model that accepts DC voltage, Thermocouple and contact signal inputs. The data is saved on a CF card that can be converted to Excel or ASCII format. In addition, the viewer software allows a PC to view and display waveforms and tabular data.

  • daqmanager


    DAQManager is a software program that enables you to manage measured data from paperless recorders on a PC. Data loaded onto DAQManager can be quickly and easily searched by date/time, tag name, batch name, and other criteria. Channels recorded on …


    DAQWORX allows users to assemble a data acquisition system using Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, the temperature controllers, measuring instruments without the need for programming. For adding functionality, DAQWORX offers an integrated data acquisition software system, allowing customers to connect high added-value software to their existing data acquisition systems to easily expand the range of supported applications.Please be noted that some packages are not compatible with GX/GP series paperless recorders.