• fcj

    FCJ: All-in-one PLC/RTU

    The brick type model FCJ autonomous controller fulfills the basic requirements of the utility control. It also provides the reliability for the SCADA communication with network redundant capability.

  • FCN-500

    FCN-500: Dual redundant configurable PLC/RTU

    High reliability and high speed are essential for the systems that control your critical processes. The dual redundant model of the field control node (FCN) autonomous controller ensures that these processes continue without interruption even when a module is replaced.


    FCN-RTU: Low power consumption PLC/RTU

    The low power consumption model of the field control node (FCN) autonomous controller meets the demanding requirements at inhospitable remote locations which lack power.

  • Y-View-15-HMI

    Human Machine Interface (HMI)

    Yokogawa offers Y-View HMI in a variety of sizes from 15 inches to 5.7 inches with a variety of communication protocols and ports. All units are available with color screens and the 5.7 inch units are also available in monochrome. …