Signal Conditioners

  • JUXTA D Series Signal Conditioners

    The D Series is DCS-supported signal conditioners, consisting of modular type signal converters with versatile I/O specifications and housing nest. Our complete line of conditioners work well for a large or small scale systems and provide a simple platform for use and maintenance. Mounting nest conforms with JIS and EIA specifications.

  • JUXTA F Series Computing Units

    Compact size, versatile mounting, and microprocessor based high performance computing unit receives DC voltage signals, applies various computing functions to them, and then converts them into isolated DC current or DC voltage signals.

  • JUXTA F Series Signal Conditioners

    F Series signal conditioners are compact, space-saving (24 mm width) signal conditioners with front panel terminals. The microprocessor based models provide field configuration capability and minimum stock of spares. The installation is either DIN-Rail, Rack or Wall mounting, and the power supply is 24 V DC.

  • JUXTA M Series Computing Units

    M Series computing units include a type that supports user-specified programs, and types that support analog memory, peak/bottom holders, moving averages, dead times, temperature/pressure compensation, and a wide range of other applications.