Custom Systems and Componenets

  • hexapole without entrance lens

    Ion Guides and Collision Cells

    Extrel provides various configurations of Ion Guides and Collision Cells. Each configuration is designed for a specific application. They are all built for the highest possible ion transmission and the best possible phase space compression.

  • Tandom-Ionizer

    Ionizers and Ion Optics

    Extrel’s Ionizers are built for high performance and are offered in a number of different ionization techniques with a wide range of options. Extrel manufactures both standard off-the-shelf Ion Optics as well as custom designed devices to fit customer application requirements. We offer devices for energy analysis as well as ion transport.

  • Quad filter

    Quadrupole Mass Filters

    Extrel’s Quadrupole Mass Filters have long been known for their high performance, innovative design and rugged construction. To provide a wide selection of mass ranges and performance options, Extrel’s quadrupoles are manufactured in three (3) different rod sizes, 19mm, 9.5mm and 6mm. From Helium and Deuterium separation, to Cluster and Biomolecule deposition and analysis, Extrel’s quadrupole mass filters have been the first choice for researchers since 1964.