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    Controller and Software

    Extrel offers a full System Controller, as well as a Scan Controller, both of which operate using Extrel’s powerful Merlin Automation™ Data System Software. Both controllers are modular and allow users to modify or add components as needs grow and change.

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    Core QPS Quaudrupole Power Supply

    Extrel’s QPS RF/DC Power Supplies provide high precision and high stability control and power for our quadrupole mass filters, octupoles and hexapole ion guides. These power supplies are offered in both RF-only and RF/DC versions. Users can control the RF power, mass and resolution commands plus a pole bias voltage to adjust the centerline potential of the quadrupole.

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    Extrel RGA

    The Extrel RGA is a reliable, easy-to-use residual gas analyzer that includes full range pressure measurement. It is the best performing RGA at an affordable price, which makes the system an ideal choice for background gas analysis, leak detection and vacuum chamber characterization.

    The Extrel RGA is available in two (2) mass ranges, 1 to 100 amu or 1 to 300 amu. The system comes standard with a Faraday detector or an optional dual Faraday/Electronic multiplier detector.

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    Ion Guides and Collision Cells

    Extrel provides various configurations of Ion Guides and Collision Cells. Each configuration is designed for a specific application. They are all built for the highest possible ion transmission and the best possible phase space compression.