RF Admittance Level Measurement

  • point-level-measurement-rf-admittance-clearline-level-switch

    ClearLine Level Switch

    The ClearLine in-Line fluid detector is a point level switch that mounts directly into the process piping between two flat-faced flanges. This product is best suited for pump protection and low-level indication below vessels.

  • point-level-measurement-rf-admittance-dumpstar-level-controller

    Dumpstar Level Switch

    Our compact Dumpstar, heavy-duty level controls provide reliable indication of crude oil and water interface levels in oil production separators. Its dependable performance has been proven over and over again in automatic well testers, free-water knockouts, and electrostatic treaters.

  • point-level-measurement-rf-admittance-floating-roof-tanks-spill-prevention-float-switch

    Floating Roof Tanks Spill Prevention

    The SIL IntelliPoint Loop Powered Two Wire capacitance probe level switch is specifically designed for Floating Roof Top Tanks (internal and external roofs) with a flexible brass level sensing probe. The level probe sensing element is field adjustable for lengths up to 18′ (5.5 m). Electronincs are designed to meet API 2350 Overfill Protection.

  • point-level-measurement-rf-admittance-intellipoint-line-powered

    IntelliPoint RF – Line Powered Level Switch

    The IntelliPoint Line Powered level probe provides a level swtich with relay output and “On-Board” self-diagnostics to ensure reliability and level sensing elements for a wide variety of temperatures, pressures, and materials. The IntelliPoint carries hazardous area approvals to provide a solution to critical point level applications.