Point Level Measurement

  • point-level-measurement-conductivity-switch-6013-electrode-sensors

    6013 Electrodes Sensor

    We offer a wide range of electrode sensors such as wire suspension, solid rod, gland plug, ruggedized and concentric electrode sensor. When necessary, special equipment can also be supplied to meet specific needs.

  • point-level-measurement-float-switches-7010-tilt-float-switch

    7010 Tilt Float Switch Assemblies

    The 7010 tilt float switches from B/W Controls provide an economical liquid level solution for controlling sewage, effluent, many chemical solutions, as well as liquids in other hostile environments containing oil, grease or other similar industrial and municipal wastes where dependable liquid control is essential.

  • point-level-measurement-float-switches-7014-unifloat-float-switch

    7014 UniFloat Float Switch

    The B/W Unifloat float switch is a level sensing system developed especially to permit simple, low-cost installation.

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    ClearLine Level Switch

    The ClearLine in-Line fluid detector is a point level switch that mounts directly into the process piping between two flat-faced flanges. This product is best suited for pump protection and low-level indication below vessels.