Continuous Level Measurement

  • continuous-level-measurement-magnetostrictive-level-measurement-7100-leak-detect-stick

    7100 Leak Detect Stik Liquid Level Sensor

    It is ideal for liquid level monitoring of product level, interface level and leak detection in a wide variety of liquid media in both above ground and below ground storage tanks.

  • point-level-measurement-conductivity-switch-7230-level-sensor

    7230 HT Digital Probe Level Sensor

    The Drexelbrook 7230 Series HT Digital Probe is a magnetostrictive probe for high temperature applications in the oil and gas industry including pipeline tanks and oil and water separators. The level sensor provides a multi-variable output that includes level, interface and temperature data that only requires one process connection.

  • continuous-level-measurement-magnetostrictive-level-measurement-7250-digital-stik-liquid-level-sensor

    7250 Digital Stik Liquid Level Sensor

    The 7250 series liquid level sensors have an inherently lower cost design which results in savings.

  • point-level-measurement-conductivity-switch-7330-level-sensor

    7330 Pro-Stik II Level Sensor

    Our liquid level sensors have been proven in demanding applications such as underground leak detection and inventory management.