• control-relay-induction-style-1500-series-bw-controls

    1500 Induction Style Control Relay

    A floatless liquid level control system from B/W Controls consists of a relay of the proper type, a holder designed to support one or more electrodes or probes in the liquid container, and the corrosion resistant electrodes themselves.

  • control-relay-solid-state-5200-series-bw-controls

    5200 Solid State Relay

    The B/W 5200 solid state controls are designed for control functions directly from electrodes suspended in a well or tank.

  • control-relay-solid-state-plug-in-style-5400-series-bw-controls

    5400 Solid State Relay – Plug In Style

    The B/W Control 5400 Series solid state relays have a low energy sensing circuit with a lock-in holding feature that permits operation over a range of levels, or from momentary contact pilot devices such as floats, actuators, etc.

  • point-level-measurement-conductivity-switch-6013-electrode-sensors

    6013 Electrodes Sensor

    We offer a wide range of electrode sensors such as wire suspension, solid rod, gland plug, ruggedized and concentric electrode sensor. When necessary, special equipment can also be supplied to meet specific needs.